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T.D ,,FELIKS,,DOO, Mirko i Tihomir, export-import Kumanovo
St. ”Done Bozinov “ 60, 1300 Kumanovo , Macedonia
Tel/faks ++389 31 426 144 , e-mail
Person for contact: Mirko Jakimovski ++389 75 458 691
Tihomir Petrovski ++389 75 458 692

New Industrial Building: For Rent or Sale

Our building is located along the main highway leading from the capital city Skopje to Kumanovo. It is about 8 Km from the center of the capital adjacent to the well-known Hotel Bellevue as well as roughly 800 meters from the junction or the new ring road around Skopje. The newly laid down ring road will provide lots of advantages for transit of people and goods throughout Macedonia connecting the North of Macedonia to its South and Southwest.
The building is placed on a 2,730 square meter lot with a main entrance not more than 100m from the highway. The actual building has 1,170m2 of covered space and the entire compound is securely fenced. The yard of the around the building has been urbanized and it contains vast paved areas for easy maneuvering of vehicles and spacious greenery parts.
The compound has stable electricity input because of privately owned power transformer (630Kw) as well as stable water and sewage regulation system (specially designed for the purposes of the compound). The building consists of a manufacturing area (1,237m2), business/administrative part (521m2) and 120m2 of secondary areas (bathrooms, dressing rooms, archive,etc)
The height of the manufacturing part is mostly 7.3m with its highest point in the gallery section of 9.3m. The manufacturing hall is pillar-free making it suitable for various production lines. It is divided in three sections: 668m2 of clean manufacturing area and 283m2 warehouse space on the ground floor, and one more manufacturing area of 283m2 on the second floor.
The ground floor of the manufacturing section is connected with the second floor though a stairwell and an industrial elevator. The business/administrative part consists of three floors and is equipped with own floor heating. Each floor is 172m2. The first floor is used for reception of guests and a showroom. The second floor is office space, while the third floor consists of two fully equipped apartments.
There are separate entrances for the business/administration part and the manufacturing section. The building is solidly built and concurs with the highest standards of construction.


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